Wesleyan Spirits Japan Trip DVD Ending (16/16)

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The Japan Trip Video Playlist is herehttp://shigekijack.blogspot.com/2008/01/youtube-video-players.html#2This is a video from The Wesleyan Spirits' (from Wesleyan University) concert trip to Tokyo and Kagoshima Japan in January 2003.ウェスレヤン大学(アメリカコネティカット州)の男声アカペラグループ、ウェスレヤン・スピリッツが2003年1月に東京及び鹿児島で来日公演した際のビデオです。Wesleyan Spirits Japan Trip DVD 1. DVD Opening2. Tokyo 東京 明治神宮 浅草寺 Meiji, Asakusa3. "Mysterious Ways" - U2 at 鹿児島県立短期大学4. "Midnight Train to Georgia" 5. "A Hard Day's Night" - The Beatles6. "The Weight" - The Band at 鹿大附属中7. "大きな古時計 Grandfather's Clock" on Japanese TV8. "Time After Time" at YAMAHA ヤマハ音楽教室9. "Insomniac" - Billy Pilgrim at 大島紬の里10. "Evening Campus Song" at パリっ子11. "Change in My Life" at 喜入の里12. Hot Spring 温泉 露天風呂 櫻島温泉13. "Miller's Pond" 露天風呂 in Ibusuki 指宿14. 鹿児島市成人式2003年1月 Coming-of-Age Day15. "Shimauta 島唄" - The Boom at 鹿児島市成人式16. DVD EndingThe Wesleyan Spirits is the only all-male a cappella group at Wesleyan University. Now on our 27th year, we are commited to performing a diverse, ever-chanigng repertoire of beautiful and challenging music while upholding the great singing tradition of Wesleyan... and to having a great time in the process.For more information:http://www.wesleyanspirits.com/http://www.wesleyan.edu/.


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